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Misery Loves Co.

Misery Loves Co - Fund Starter


  • Help the food you love get to the plate sooner!
  • Help Aaron, Laura and Nate bring their dream to reality.
  • Rewards! Who doesn't like rewards? If there is such a person, we don't want to meet them.
  • It's easy - pick an option- hit the button - fill in some details. BAM!


You know them - You love them - You dream about their food - Now they need your help! This fundraiser for Misery Loves Company is helping them raise the money they need to made the transition from Pop-up-to Truck- To Bricks and Mortar.
Here are the Reward Levels!

$10 -  A firm handshake from the MLC team thanking you for your support
$25 - A MLC sandwich on us in the new place, plus a firm handshake from the team
$50 - An original MLC t-shirt being designed, a sandwich and a firm handshake
$100 - The MLC Swag Bag- a Misery Loves Co. cloth bag, MLC t-shirt, trucker hat, not to a mention a sandwich on us!
$250 - Pasta Class & Supper- A spot for two to spend an afternoon with us learning how to make pasta from scratch.  Then, reap the rewards as we treat you to a family style supper featuring your very own pasta plus many other goodies.
$500 - Think Tank- Help create your very own sandwich, to be named for you and put into our menu rotation.  Also enjoy supper for 4.
$1000 - Cocktail Party- In your home for 15 people.  We'll provide the food, you provide the booze and the guests.
$2500 - Multi Course dinner party at the restaurant for 10 people, with a limo ride to and from one location so you can really have fun.
$5000 - Everything mentioned above, plus an annual dinner for 2 for the life of the restaurant, really!

Important Details

  • Misery Loves Co - Fund Starter
    • Voucher redeemable starting 10/20/2012 EDT
    • Promotional value ($0.00) expires 12/31/2014 EST
    • Paid value ($0.00) expires 10/20/2017 EDT
  • Universal fine print & terms and conditions apply
  • Vouchers will be honored anytime after the first week of the new store being open.
  • All Rewards besides sandwiches and handshakes will not be available until 2013.
  • Vouchers not valid with any other promotion
  • Present before ordering.
  • Tax and gratuity not included.
  • Please tip on total before discount!

Misery Loves Co - Fund Starter